If your online course offers high value to your target audience, you’re assured that the course will be a success. One way to add MORE to your course is to add bonus material.

Add More without Going Too Long

I am often asked ‘how long should my course be?’. My immediate answer is, it should only be as long as it takes to achieve the outcome promised. Nothing shorter, nothing longer. In other words, craft your course so your learner can move from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time and only learn specifically what they need to in order to achieve the outcome of the course. Adding bonus material allows you to add to the course without extending it. 

Ask yourself, does this bonus material supplement my course, if not, don’t include it. Perhaps it belongs in a different course altogether or consider if it could be a great lead magnet, blog post or podcast topic. 


Consider this…

Bonus material allows you to add more value to the course that’s not strictly on-topic. Your bonus material can offer something extra that’s related, but not related enough to be part of the course.

In case you are thinking about it, it is NOT a sneaky way to add in more information to your course just because you want to share it. 

For example, if I was providing a course on ‘how to create an online course’ I might add in a bonus of ‘how to grow your email list’. While building your email list is not necessary for actually creating an online course, it is invaluable for marketing your course. As you can see, this bonus is a supplement to the course but is not strictly related to the topic that it would need to be included in the course content.


An Extra Bonus!

Bonus content adds value to your course. It has a powerful psychological effect. 

Consider this…

If you have a course with seven modules versus a course with six modules and a BONUS report, the latter will be perceived as having more value. 

The idea that it’s an extra bonus makes the buyer feel like they’re getting something extra, even if the volume of information is actually the same.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Finally, adding extra bonus material is a good way to set your course apart from other similar courses. It gives you just a bit extra over the competition and can be a unique selling point for your course.

If you want to add bonus material, anything that provides valuable information or helps the buyer will work. The material can be:

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It takes some work to create additional content, but it can be a great bonus for your course participants. 

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