Get your offers seen off social media, grow your powerful email list and do it on autopilot


Beyond Socials

Beyond socials gives you instant access to a toolkit of templates, plug and play copy and graphics to quickly and confidently build your business’s number 1 asset, your email list!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know where to start or how to go about building an email list. The whole process of lead magnets, landing pages, and email marketing feels so overwhelming and confusing.

  • You worry that no one will sign up to your list, so you don’t want to even ask for their email.

  • You feel like you don’t have enough time to build your email list and other things in your biz take priority.

  • You’re not sure about what your lead magnet should be and if anyone would actually want it.

  • The tech has your running scared, you have no idea what you need and how it all works together

Just imagine…

What if you had a complete toolkit that stepped you through the nitty gritty of HOW to move your audience off socials onto your email list

What if you had lead magnet templates where you can plug and play your content – no more staring at a complete Canva document

What if your opt-in page copy was there ready for you to tweak with your offer

What if your emails were pre-written waiting for you to add your touches

What if you were setting this up to run on autopilot

Well… this is your very lucky day because ⬇️ this ⬇️ is what you need….

Beyond Socials Toolkit

Effortlessly move your audience off social media and onto your email list with the ultimate toolkit and template bundle, ensuring that your business can thrive regardless of changing social media trends or glitches

This breaks down the essential steps in an easy to follow guide to come up with your lead magnet idea, create your lead magnet, write your funnel copy and promoting your lead magnet. ALL IN ONE SOLUTION!

Completely customisable lead magnet templates that you can use to fast track your creation process.

No more guessing what you need to write for your landing pages, swipe this plug and play copy and create quickly and effortlessly.

You no longer have to look at a blank screen wondering what to write to welcome and nurture your new leads. Use these templates, add in your magic and get your offers seen!

Now it’s time to put your lead magnet out into the world, use these prompts to market your value packed lead magnet.

Email Header and Email Signature Templates

Plug + Play your branding, images and copy to visually make an impact!

Promotional graphics to WOW

Let’s get your lead magnet out into the world quickly and effortlessly!

Yes! I want it now!

I knew I needed a nurture sequence for my business but I had no idea how to go about it. I used Aleisha’s templates and it was like someone holding my hand through the whole process. It gives you so much clarity. It is something we all need for our business.

Alexandra Lopez

OMG the most valuable part of ALL – the email funnel copy templates, that blew me away. So much value!

Melissa Crane

Meet Aleisha, your course expert & funnel pro!

Welcome to Jamieson Joy Creative – the place where we take your expertise and package it up into an incredible online course, implement the power of email marketing and set it up on automation!

Jamieson Joy Creative came to be after I purchased a series of online courses and could see a startling gap in genuine good quality courses that actually helped the user achieve the course promise.

Having spent years in learning design in my day job {think course creation, webinar development and training design} – I knew something was missing for many business owners when they were creating courses…knowing HOW to deliver tangible outcomes.

And my mission is to help you stand head and shoulders above the rest in your field – where you’re able to make a real impact with what you do. All, of course, whilst you reap the rewards of expanding your offerings and freeing up more of your time – welcome the power of funnels into your business.

As a result, the offers you will find here at Jamieson Joy Creative are all carefully crafted to not only simplify the course creation journey but to ensure you provide your students with the best opportunity to achieve the transformation you want for them. And when you partner with me, you will feel supported each step of the way.

Ready to start building your email list, bring in the power of automation and nurture an audience to ready to buy customers?

Yes! I want it now!