Option 1: Mini VIP Session

Are you looking for a one time session with a course specialist to answer your burning questions and craft a plan forward? Then this package is for you!

Perhaps you have an idea, but just can’t work out where to start? Not sure on the tech you need? Or Feeling overwhelmed about the whole course creation process and need help to get started? Let’s go!


What you can expect

  • A one-on-one 90min Zoom call with me, your online course specialist

  • Notes and plan of action from the call

  • 1 week of daily Voxer support following our on-to-one call

  • Clear strategy to move forward

  • Mini VIP Session

  • $397

  • Click here to book a call

Option 2: Monthly VIP Mentoring

This is for you if you are looking for a tailor made experience where we work together 1:1 to support you to create your course. You will have my 10+ years experience in adult education to lean into as we bring your course to life. 

What you can expect

  • A 1:1 60min Zoom call with me, your online course specialist per month

  • Unlimited Voxer coaching

  • Content Review and Feedback between calls

  • Clear plan of action to keep you on track

  • Monthly VIP Mentoring

  • $897 per month

  • Click here to book a call

These are some of the elements we can focus on together:

Nail your course foundations


  • Identify your target audience

  • Confirm your idea

  • Validate your idea

  • Select your course type

  • Determine your course goal

Package up your course


  • Craft your course objectives

  • Outline your course {TEMPLATE)

  • Name your course

  • Price your course

  • Determine course bonuses

Plan your course content


  • Content deliver

  • Support material

  • Building your course outline

Course Design


  • Plan your slide deck

  • Plan your support material

Producing your course {Trello Board}


  • Production schedule {TEMPLATE}

  • Hosting your course

  • Tech guide

  • Scripting details

  • Filming and editing

  • Teach for accessibility

Launch guide


  • Step-by-step process for launching your course