Your Complete Course Creation Program, Simplified!

And the best part? You don’t need a big audience or complicated tech to get there. 

Wishing someone would just cut to it and show you how to turn your knowledge into an ethically sellable, scalable course the easy way?

I'm calling it - creating an online course is your key to creating more freedom (and profit) in your business and life

In fact, creating an online course is THE ANSWER to unlocking the time and financial freedom you’ve been striving for in your business.

Imagine leveraging your expertise to generate a steady stream of income without the constant hustle and trading hours for dollars. This is not just about adding another revenue stream; it’s about transforming the way you do business and live your life.

And if that wasn’t reason enough to pay attention…

Are you facing these all-too-familiar challenges as you look to launch?

What if you could finally get rid of the constant overwhelm and endless hours managing your business, PLUS start earning a steady stream of passive income that gives you the flexibility in your business and life that you have always wanted?

I, Aleisha, totally get it. As a Mum of 2 small boys, I understand how overwhelming it can be to try and manage a business, while raising a young family and also finding time for myself to do what fills me up so I can be the best Mum, partner and person. I felt constantly stressed and exhausted and if I’m honest, disappointed in myself, that I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

That’s until I finally took my own advice and packaged my expertise as a professional learning designer (I create online courses for large corporate companies, government and non-for-profits) into an online course. This is my step out of stress, exhaustion and disappointment into the business and life I have envisioned.

And the best part? I believe you can do it too!

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply focus taking your knowledge and package it up nicely into your profitable course...

With guidance from an experienced learning designer you can let go of all the course creation stress.

Forget the tech nightmares!

Imagine a world where you have tech under control. Navigating software is not a problem because you know what you need and when.

Brush off doubts of not knowing what to create a course on

I believe everyone has a course inside of them and the cool thing is, it can be many different topics, areas of interests, almost anything you can imagine. AND before you think it, you don't have to be the all knowing expert, sometimes you just need to be a few steps ahead to help someone else achieve what you have.

Now picture your days - no longer a mad rush...

With a structured course creation process, you confidently what you need to do, no more wasting time second guessing yourself. Plus you have a course expert right by your side to help you along the way.

So, are you ready to grab this transformation and reshape your course creation journey?

You are in the right place, let's do this!

Introducing your secret weapon to a wildly easy step-by-step approach to creating your course

The Create Your Course Blueprint

Meticulously crafted for busy small business owners like you, who:

Created by experienced learning designer, it’s not just a program; it’s your path towards creating a revenue stream that fits your life.

My Create Your Course Blueprint is strategically designed to help busy business owners like you, to create the foundations now for future you to thank when you have the flexibility, the time, the income that you desire now. 

What's Included:

What You Can Expect:

When you step into your role as a course creator, you will do it confidently, standing tall in your expertise.

And What Makes Create Your Course Blueprint Different?

This course is expertly designed by a professional learning designer (me!) with over 10 years of experience in adult education and development, and over 5 years in exclusively creating online courses for corporate, government and non-for-profits.

It’s tailored specifically for small online business owners, addressing the unique challenges of balancing business and personal life.

My step-by-step framework is clear and easy to follow, guiding you through every stage of course creation.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive mix of videos, guides, and workbooks, providing all the tools you need.

Let's break down this next-level support:

The unique aspect of this program is that you will be able to email and Voxer me anytime during the program and I will on the other end respond.

This support can and will look different for each one of you but some common support aspects are: 

The list goes on, it will be unique to you and often you don’t realise what support you need until you are in the midst of planning, creating and producing your course.

This is why this level of support I am offering in this VIP round is next level, it will be tailored to you, your unique needs. No more trying to get seen or heard in group calls or no support from do it yourself courses. This is the next level and at a jaw dropping price! You won’t want to miss this.

Inside You'll Find...

One On One Support & Guidance

You’ll have access to your very own qualified learning designer for 3 months of one-on-one via voice chat support (on Voxer) and email during all working hours.

Whether your stuck on a task or being stopped in your tracks from emotions, you’ll have someone on your side to guide you through it all.

Inside You'll Find...

Course Foundations

This would be the most critical part of the entire course creation process and it is often undervalued or even overlooked!

We will deep dive into your target audience and importantly market research and validate your course. 

Course Foundations

This would be the most critical part of the entire course creation process and it is often undervalued or even overlooked!

We will deep dive into your target audience and importantly market research and validate your course. 

Grow Your Audience While You Build

This is a key step in your course creation journey and is especially important for those of you with no or a small audience.

You will start building an audience of ideal students while you plan and build so you have eager to buy students when you launch. 

Package Up Your Course

This is where you will map out your curriculum, determining key (and often overlooked) elements of learning design so you have an engaging course that your students rave about! 

Produce Your Course

This is where your course comes to life.

You will have a detailed production schedule to work with as well as guidelines for producing high-quality course content. 

Planning For Delivery

Here you have your tech solutions sorted and you will select your course hosting platform, your payment gateways and other tech requirements. 

Roadmap To Automated Sales

Now it’s time to get your course out there!

You will have a roadmap to harness the power of automation in your sales processes.

Post Course Review

After you have celebrated launching your course and welcoming your students, it’s time to review what you have just done!

This will also include how and why to collect student feedback + testimonials. You’ll be guided on what to do next so nothing gets overlooked.


Harnessing the power of ChatGPT in the course creation process.

This will single handedly make the process easier and more efficient than ever before.

Enroll now for $97

This will go back up to $397!

Be quick, this is a special VIP price and won't stay around!

This program is about being willing to put the work in now for future you to be grateful for the time (which I know feels stretched already but it will be worth it), effort, perseverance and vision that future you will be so grateful for.

It doesn’t happen overnight (despite what you might hear) but it does happen, it is about starting, having the asset created (your course) and building on that.

An online course can truly open so many doors that maybe you thought weren’t possible (aka selling in your sleep because this is totally a thing when you are ready to sell it on autopilot).

Ready to get started? Let's do this!

Have a worry-free look inside!

This program comes with a 7-day 100% money back guarantee from when doors open to week 1. If it doesn’t feel right for you, get in touch.

So why choose me and my program?

Glad you asked!

As mentioned above, I’m Aleisha, a professional learning designer (yes, I make online courses and training programs for a living), a fierce advocate for lifelong learning, and a Mum to 2 high-energy little boys just to throw some spice into the mix.

For over a decade I have been working in the adult development space in elite sport, corporate, small business, and government.

While I love creating online courses, I am well aware that financially it is not always possible for small business owners to outsource this so this is exactly why I have created this program BUT what is important to me (and you), is you don’t miss out on my expertise to be by your side in this journey.

So, let's jump on in and get your course created!

Success Stories

A Quick Recap For You!

Create Your Course Academy is your ultimate guide to creating an online course that not only empowers you but also elevates your business and life.

Here’s what you are getting: 

Your Questions Answered...

This is what makes this program different, you have access directly to me to support you to create your course. There is no group coaching element, I am here for you via Voxer or Email. So no worrying about IF your questions will get answered, you have your very own learning expert by your side.

If this is what you are thinking, then THIS is why you need to create a course. I will say though as I pride myself on leading with authencity, there is work up front to create your course but the reward once completed is beyond words. To support you in your busy life, I have made this program to by fluff free, completely actionable with a clear stey by step process. This work up front will be worth it.

No problems at all, this is part of the Course Foundations stage, this is where you will uncover your profitable course idea. This is also valuable for people who have decided their course topic, as the Course Foundation stage reassures you are on the right track, otherwise it highlight if you need to consider a different topic. No one wants to create a course that your audience isn’t going to buy.

Not at all! Since you are an online business owner, you have more tech savvy than you give yourself credit for. So when it comes to creating your course (often your first for those that work with me), we keep the tech as simple as possible plus I have all the tech guides you need if you run into any trouble.

Your Time is Now!

Remember, the most significant changes in life often start with a decision – a decision to invest in yourself, your skills, and your future. And that decision is now.

There’s a famous saying: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now.” The same holds true for your journey towards course creation success.

Your course might have been ready a while back, but don’t dwell on missed opportunities. Instead, embrace the fact that the second-best time to start is right now.


Imagine looking back on this moment a year from now, having created not just a course but a thriving online business. Imagine the freedom you'll experience, the impact you'll make, and the income you'll earn, all while doing what you love.

So, I encourage you to take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and make this decision. Invest in Complete Course Blueprint, and invest in your dreams.

Join now and start your journey.

Your success story begins right here.

But the magic only happens when you take that first step.