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Are you thinking about creating a course in your business?

Let me show you how I can take your expertise and package it up into an online course steeped in educational design.

Apply now for a Course Creation Strategy Session with me, Aleisha, your course creation specialist. If you are successful, you will get to experience a high-level 40 minute coaching call which will deliver you a roadmap to creating a high impact course specifically for you and your business.

What we will achieve in this call:

Course Foundations

Firstly, we’ll get clear on who your course is for, what your ideal course topic is and what type of course you will create.

Package up your Course

Next we will determine the best course platform and delivery for your ideal client.

Producing your Course

Finally, we’ll get clear on how to produce your course and how to package up your expertise for maximum impact. 

Meet Aleisha, your course creation specialist!

Welcome to Jamieson Joy Creative – the place where we take your expertise and package it up into an incredible online course!

Jamieson Joy Creative came to be after I purchased a series of online courses and could see a startling gap in genuine good quality courses that actually helped the user achieve the course promise.

Having spent years in learning design in my day job {think course creation, webinar development and training design} – I knew something was missing for many business owners when they were creating courses…knowing HOW to deliver tangible outcomes.

And my mission is to help you stand head and shoulders above the rest in your field – where you’re able to make a real impact with what you do. All, of course, whilst you reap the rewards of expanding your offerings and freeing up more of your time.

As a result, the offers you will find here at Jamieson Joy Creative are all carefully crafted to not only simplify the course creation journey but to ensure you provide your students with the best opportunity to achieve the transformation you want for them. And when you partner with me, you will feel supported each step of the way.