1:1 – Course Creation + Funnels

These sessions are perfect to have 1:1 support to detail uniquely what YOU + YOUR BUSINESS need when it comes to online course creation and/or funnels to automate the lead gen and sales in your business.

During our 1:1 call, we will deep dive into your business and strategise how to align your business with your current season of life. We will then create an action plan where I will support you to take action, implement and bring your goals to life.

To provide you with some ideas, these are a couple of my most popular areas of focus: Lead Magnet + Automation planning, Online Course Outlining, Course Tech and Course Content Creation.

Initial 60 minute Call: In this power-packed 60-minute call, we dive deep into your business aspirations and craft a personalised roadmap for your biz and life alignment. We’ll unravel your unique vision, uncover untapped opportunities, and strategise how to align your business with your current season of life. Prepare to gain valuable insights and set the stage for your remarkable journey to thrive.

Daily access via Voxer coaching (biz hours): Say goodbye to feeling stuck or overwhelmed. With my exclusive Voxer coaching, you’ll have direct access to expert guidance every day. Whether you have burning questions, need feedback, or crave a dose of motivation, I’m just a message away plus I’ll be checking in on you too. Together, we’ll conquer challenges, celebrate wins, and keep your business momentum soaring high.

Access to all templates, plug and play copy + more: Gain unlimited access to our templates, ready-to-use copy, and a wealth of valuable tools. From lead magnet and automation planning to online course outlining and course tech, I’ve got you covered. Streamline your processes and elevate your business to new heights effortlessly.

Personalised review of your materials: Receive the VIP treatment your business deserves with a personalised review of your materials. Whether it’s your course content, outlines, email copy and more, I’ll provide expert insights and tailored recommendations to optimise their impact. Together, we’ll fine-tune every detail, ensuring your message resonates with your audience and maximises your conversions.

Investment $697 (4 weeks)